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The natural organic honey source - Group beekeeping Base Profile
Mizhiyuan Group beekeeping base construction dated back to the early seventies, initially founded by the Group founder Mr. Ye Fajin. He led a group of Zhejiang beekeepers forming a beekeeping production team throughout the country to create a national beekeeping bases. After decades of development, bases have become a formation through the whole China with the most abundant nectar beekeeping corridor, covering 15 provinces such as, Anhui, Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Jilin, Inner Mongolia provinces. There are more than ten nectar species including forest nectar, special nectar and plateau covers non-polluting plants with nectar. There are more than 20 bases with apiaries over 1000, 5000 beekeepers, and an annual supply capacity of over 20,000 tone of the original honey.

1. Professional beekeeping team
The beekeeping teams is mainly consist of the beekeepers with decades of beekeeping experience in Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hubei, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and northeast regions. Meanwhile, a combination of old and young team beekeeping has also been developed, allowing the older teaches their experience to the young. At the same time, the company works closely with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of bees and beekeeping Society authority apiculture research institutions, working out a unique combination of practical experience and scientific beekeeping.

2. The best nectar sources
China is a large agricultural country with very rich vegetation resources. Our nectar bases are chosen after decades of test among the main nectar origins. Some Most characteristic honey, such as overwintering canola and vetch production bases are from Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Rapeseed production bases in Sichuan Chengdu Plain, Hubei and Anhui. Acacia production bases in Henan, Royal jelly and bee pollen production bases in Qinghai Lake. Rapeseed and sunflower production bases in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Vitex production bases in Hebei and Liaoning. Rape and linden production bases in northeast and Inner Mongolia. Each base has its characteristics with its products having a unique quality and flavor.
3. The great management system
In order to control the pesticide and veterinary drug residues, The experts in the company write the first book “ the bee medicine bee industry norms " in China, which promotes physical methods of prevention and treatment of bee diseases, greatly reducing pesticide and veterinary drug residues in honey to achieve the organic standards. The company uses a "unified" management style, which is unified bees sources, unified farming techniques, unified purchased feed, uniform sales and unified prevention, making standardized production of all honey bases products, greatly reducing the cost of company's raw material. The company has also introduced the traceability system information of the sales products, which can guarantee any bottle of honey products to be traced back to a beehive, in order to achieve full traceability from the hive to table.

4. High quality raw materials
In the past decades, the development and improvement of bee farming, manufacturing and sales result in the safe, pure, quality characteristics of the raw materials with natural, organic and unique style.
Raw material of acaciahoney: acacia honey production base, located in the north of the Qinling, southern slope of the Weibei Plateau, is consist of pure acacia forest, thus ensuring the 100% pure acacia honey.Other specialty honey raw materials: The company has set up several bases, such as vetch, longan, lychee, Zaohua and wolfberry honey in the provinces of Yunnan, Fujian, Guangxi, Shaanxi and Ningxia distinctive
Royal jelly and bee pollen raw material: Royal jelly and bee pollen production bases have been set up in Qinghai Lake, Da Tong and Men Yuan in Qinghai Province. These bases area are pollution-free areas at high altitude and the royal jelly and bee pollen are best in the domestic production, especially Qinghai royal jelly has more than 1.8% 10-HDA, far more than the rest of the royal jelly in the country.Features pollen raw: Special pollen production bases have been set up in northeast Heilongjiang, Anhui Wannan mountainous, the mountains of western Zhejiang and Hubei Honghu region, such as the production of kiwifruit pollen, tea pollen and pink lotus with  stable quality and the production has increased annually.

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