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The company insists, foreign trade, "walking on two legs" development strategy, expanding the international market, but also actively explore the domestic market, has formed a more than twenty countries and regions internationally, more than 30 domestic cities the perfect sales network.
In the international market, the company is well-known food companies and many international groups to establish a long-term partnership with a stable customer base, customers include the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy and other major European countries and Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries and actively explore markets in Africa and the Americas, has been noticed. The next three years the company's goals in the international market is to achieve full coverage on five continents, the number increased to more than 50 countries, the export target.
In the domestic market, the company adhere to large supermarkets, neighborhood convenience stores, specialty stores and Internet sales of both the image of the "four" marketing strategy, after several years of operation, has formed the core of Anhui, covering the entire East China's comprehensive sales network . The next three years in the domestic market, the goal is to east China as a base for further expansion in North, South, Northwest and Northeast market, to achieve full coverage of all the provinces of the country, so that the source of honey brand to the country, to the world!
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