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Mizhiyuan Group strictly implements the new food safety standards
Mizhiyuan Group strictly implements the new food safety standards
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Since 2007, China starts the implement food quality and safety certification in honey products. However, Mizhiyuan Group Company has already reached the government requirement and got the National Food and Drug Administration approval in 2007. Recently, the Ministry of Health announced a new national food safety standard, and Mizhiyuan Group Company promises to perform accordance with the new food safety standard strictly.

Mizhiyuan Group has more than 30 organic beekeeping bases and 100 thousand groups of natural bees in Beijing, Hebei, Yunnan et, al. to ensure pure and non-polluting of honey raw materials. In order to guarantee the best quality of bee products, bee breeding bases strictly meets the safety standards to manage the bases. We never use drugs in our raw materials. Also, company has professional inspection team carrying out the inspection and detection work. Inspection staffs test the honey's colour, odour, taste, freshness and species one by one through the physical detection. Then the raw materials will be tested through more rigorous detection at lab. After each chemical indicator reaches the standard requirement, the materials could be put into the factory warehouse for processing. All these detection steps make the raw materials pure, natural fresh and safe.

The Mizhiyuan Group's processing workshop is full of the strong sweet smell of honey. . Production and technical staff told the journalist: the mature of honey is determined by the time which honey in the hives of bees and the concentration of the honey. Generally it will take 5 days to 7 days for fully brewed mature. In that case the cost is much higher. In order to reduce the costs, some beekeeping bases take out the honey two days before the honey getting mature. However, the mature honey is thicker and the quantity is much higher than the non-mature honey. In Mizhiyuan Group, the raw materials of honey are all matured and the Baume degree is 42 degrees.

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