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Sampling of royal jelly International conference was held in HangzhouIn
Sampling of royal jelly International conference was held in HangzhouIn
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June 12, 2011, a special conference of standard sampling of royal jelly was hold in lv ying hotel in Hangzhou. This conference was based on the international standards of royal jelly, aiming to find out China's royal jelly basic data and further development of sampling work of royal jelly. More than 20 representatives of bee products from Zhejiang enterprises, research institutes and processing were invited to participate in the meeting.

The participating experts summarized the views raised at the meeting in Nanjing royal jelly meeting, to further clarify the definition of royal jelly international standard and made the agreement that feeding sugar in the beekeeping process is a normal phenomenon to ensure the keeping over winter, the prosperity in spring and growth and development. Feeding with sugar should not be excluded from the royal jelly. The conference also stressed that the development of international standard of royal jelly is helpful in the development of royal jelly in our country, which will be useful in showing the good quality and low price in international trade. The conference recommended that in the communication with WG13 foreign experts, people should state the truth of royal jelly in experiment. Also the communication with foreign companies is very important in order to make them understand the situation in China and support the position and views of China in the royal jelly international business.
Regarding to the new detection indicators (sugar containment) of royal jelly in France, there are few indicators samples in the country. Although there were 100 samples taken at the beginning of the year, the time is tight and the sources of samples are not clear. There is a lack of compare with the important factor 10-DHA In order to further understand the situation of domestic royal jelly and communicate well with France in the next international conference, an agreement has been made in the conference. Sampling work should be carried out again among the country. Special work as follows: the total number of samples should be 120 copies with each copy 300g. 30 samples were taken from the products in 2008. 20 samples are from northwest and northeast. 25 samples are from Hengliang Jiangshan. (10 samples from the exporting products in 2012, 10 samples from the large amount purchased this year and 5 samples from the products of sugar feeding). 45 sampels are from Mizhiyu, Tianchu and Biyutian in Hangzhou, with 15 from each. (10 samples from the large amount purchased royal jelly and 5 samples from the products of sugar feeding). The sampling collection is expected to finish before 15 July.

After the sample test, the experts from the domestic royal jelly products and business representatives should meet and analysis the experimental data, in order to support the third royal jelly international conference. The conference also called on domestic beekeeping, research, detection, circulation and production enterprise of the whole industry chain experts and entrepreneurs actively participate in making the rules of royal jelly international standard and determining the best candidates for the next WG13 royal jelly international conference.

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